Steel Products, Pipe, Valves, Pipe Fittings, Hammer Unions, Pressure Gauges, Test Gauges, Ring Joint Gaskets, API - ANSI, Spiral Wound Gaskets, B-7 Cad, Flange Protectors, U-Bolts, Stainless Steel, Alloy Aluminum Products, Pipe Repair, Clamps, Chokes, Filters, Hoses, Safety Products, Painting Supplies, Rags, Rope, Brooms, Mops, Brushes

S/S Tubing
Welded, Seamless, Coiled

Tube Fitting & Valves
Nupro, Parker, Swageloc, Biolok, Whitey, KF, Reith

Stainless Steel, Capacitive Discharge, CD Studs & Accessories, Drill Bits, Taps, Hole Saws, Saw Blades, Locks, Hinges, Hasps

Oil Absorbents
Pads, Boom, Pillows, Blankets, 100% Polypropylene

M.K. Morse - Johnson Ladder - Dayton Ladder - Porter Cable - Alfa Tools
Coleman Cable - Electricode - Cutlass Stud Weld - Unibit - Irwin
Cobra Tools - American Tool - Vise-Grip - Chesco - Tyton Hellerman

Machine Shop
Modifications, Repairs, Tanks, Reservoirs, Manifolds, Control Systems Panels, Enclosures, QA/QC

Chlorine Tabs, Liquid Bacteria, Tablet Dispensers, TS9 Degreaser, TS Alum Brite, TS 700, TS-Cool 500, TS-SDG 45, LPS, Electro Clean, WD-40, Hand Cleaners, Kroil, Cutting Oil, Anti-Sieze, Silicon, PB Blaster

Power Tools
Porta-Band Saw, Grinders, Drills, Reciprocating Saw, Cordless Drill / Driver

Fiberglass, Wood, OSHA-Approved

Motors, Starters & Motor Control Centers, Classified / Hazardous Location Fixtures and Accesories, Wire and Cable, Connectors, Cable Ties, Spiral Wrap & Heat Shrinking Tube

S/S Tools
Cutters, Benders, Accesories